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Version Update 1.4
5 days ago

Hey Everyone! Its time for another version update! Here's whats new:


--Creative Released

--Anarchy Released

--Connection Throttle Bug Fix


Have fun on SC 1.4!

6 days ago

Hey everyone! Brief announcement. There have been outages in power and there may be inactive times as im testing a new battery backup system. Please bear with me.



In the mean time, Have fun on StarCraft!!

Verision 1.3 Update
12 days ago

Hey everyone! Time for an update to the server! Here's whats new:


--1.14 Support Added

--1.7x 1.8x 1.9x 1.10x 1.11x 1.12x Support Added

--Grass SMP Releases

--Magma SMP Coming 5/20

--KitPvP, Skyblock, Towny, and Factions minor version update.

--Prison should be available hopefully by the end of the month. We work swiftly.


Have fun on SC 1.3!